Business activities BMG

1. Sales of High-Performance friction material linings for motorsport

BMG sells high performance friction material pads for passenger cars for the international market .Our strategy is to sell in future also high performance motorcycle friction material.

2. Sales of R90 homologated friction material for the European market

BMG sell CV Blocks and CV Pads with R90 approval and as well pads for passenger cars for the European market.

3. Special service for friction material know-how

The special service offering of BMG is tailored Friction Material Know-how to the costumers needs. It includes a certain range of services in the field of friction material know-how. Our cooperation partners and customers benefit from more than 45 years of experience for non-asbestos friction material.

For a certain number of customers it is interesting to buy ready mixes and compounds. BMG can offer materials which fulfill the requirements of the European standard and/or other international standards. These are materials for the following applications:

Please specify us your request and we’ll appreciate to send you our quotation.

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